Child Care Health Consultation

This activity will fund a part-time Child Care Health Consultant (CCHC). The CCHC will work with child care facilities in Tyrrell and Washington County in order to improvement the overall health and environment for the children enrolled.

The CCHC will focus on four major areas: Sanitation, Oral Hygiene, Nutrition and Physical Fitness and Emergency Preparedness. The CCHC will provide training, technical assistance and consultation to child care providers to resolve identified health or safety problems, to improve the health of the children in care (especially those with special needs), and to assess the child care facility’s overall health and safety status with the goal of providing a higher quality program for the children enrolled.

Child Care Health Consultants work with child care facilities to lower the incidence of illness and communicable disease to improve compliance with health and safety regulations and standards, and to increase children’s access to health insurance and primary, preventive health care.

For more information, please contact Cindy Smith at 793-5437.